The Club

 After laying untouched for centuries, the Cashiers Valley was first settled in the 1820s. Wade Hampton III first moved to the area after purchasing property from the family of one of the earliest settlers in 1855. Hampton used the Valley as his summer home for many years, including during his service as Governor of South Carolina, United States Senator, and U. S. Railroad Commissioner. After Hampton's passing in 1902, his niece Caroline Halsted and husband William moved to the estate. Dr. Halsted was the premiere surgeon in the country and used the valley as a place to rest and relax. They named the estate High Hampton, in honor of Caroline's uncle. Upon the Halsted's passing, their heirs sold the estate to a group led by E. Lyndon McKee. An industrialist and entrepenuer, McKee transformed the estate into a summer resort. Families continue to visit High Hampton, enjoying old fashioned mountain hospitality. An agreement by the McKee family heirs in 1984 divided the property into the High Hampton Resort and the Wade Hampton Golf Club. William McKee and Anne Austin organized a group of Founders that were the seeds of the Membership that we have today. The McKees' asked Tom Fazio to design a golf course that complements the surrounding environment as well as being a joy to play and a challenge for the best players.