Guest Policies

Visiting Wade Hampton Golf Club

As you plan your visit to the Club, let us know if we can assist you in any way. Our complete package of guest information is available under Club Information. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 828-743-5465 or e-mail should you have questions or need additional information.

Upon arrival, please follow the signs near the Clubhouse to the "Bag Drop" area in front of the Golf Shop. A Club employee will assist you with your golf bag and direct you to the locker facilities. Members and guests are required to use the Club locker rooms to change their shoes and/or clothing.

The primary objective of The Wade Hampton Golf Club is to ensure the quality of a golfing round for its Members and their Guests. Strict observance of the Etiquette of the Game is expected from players at all times. Protection of the golf course is of utmost concern. U.S.G.A. Rules govern and are expected to be strictly observed, unless otherwise specified.

Appropriate Attire

Appropriate attire is requested on club property. In the evenings, gentlemen over the age of 16 are requested to wear jackets (ties optional) and long trousers. Traditionally, gentlemen have worn long trousers on the golf course; however, should weather and/or personal needs dictate, knee length Bermuda shorts are acceptable attire on the course and in the Clubhouse during the day.

Members and/or Guests needing to run a quick errand to the Club should feel comfortable entering the facilities in casual, athletic, or hiking attire.

Cell Phones

PDA and Smartphones can be used in non-dining areas of the clubhouse to check messages. The Club discourages the use of cell phones as there are complementary telephones available throughout the clubhouse for personal use. Any member or guest can use the land line telephones available throughout the clubhouse at no charge.

Smoking Policy

The Clubhouse is a nonsmoking facility. Porches and outside areas maybe used to smoke.

Member and Guest Purchases

All transactions at the Club are the responsibility of the Member, and will be charged to the Member's account and billed on a monthly basis. The only exception is the purchase of merchandise in the golf shop. Members are requested not to ask for an accounting of Guests expenses or other specific charges prior to receiving their monthly statement.

Tipping Policy

Cash tipping is prohibited.